Dispensary (2011) - Performance Installation

11 March to 10 April, 2011
Zhou B. Art Center, Chicago, IL

In partnership with Adam Van Eeckhout
part of Sexier at Zhou B Art Center

From 16 February to 11 May, 2010, the artist ejaculated onto six canvases and created compositions with his semen. Each 8” by 8” canvas spans a two-week period, and the date and time of each ejaculation was recorded with UV invisible ink. These six canvases were exhibited as part of Dispensary.

At the center of Dispensary is a 3’ by 3’ blank canvas. Prior to the exhibition opening, the artist sent out invitations to sixty friends, inviting them to participate in the installation via ejaculation onto this canvas over the duration of the exhibition.

Thirteen consenting participants responded to this invitation by making an appointment with the artist and completing a form that records what they visualise when they masturbate, along with their most recent sexual encounter. Using information gleaned from this form, the artist created a private performance for each participant. After each performance, participants were given private space and time to complete their ejaculation within the installation.